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Welcome to the Vestige wiki! Here you'll find everything you need to know about what we offer and how it works.

What is Vestige?

Vestige (formerly known as TinyChart) started out as a tool to track and trend Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) and Liquidity pools across the Algorand Ecosystem. With the initial success of our tools, we have since launched several new versions that allows us the ability to offer a real-time charting, trading and portfolio tracker to our users. These improvements have also greatly improved our security, scalability and flexibility to better track the ever-changing marketplace.

Our goal is to offer an all inclusive user experience coupled with trustless smart contracts to provide our users with the best and most trusted service around!

TradingView Disclaimer The charting solution is provided by TradingView, a platform for traders and investors with versatile analytical tools. it lets you track particular symbols, e.g. BTC USD, as well as dive into a more advanced market analysis with sophisticated data like crypto market cap.

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