DeFi - Decentralized Finance or peer to peer financial services on public blockchains

ASA - Algorand Standard Asset also known as Assets

AMM - An automated market maker or the underlying protocol that powers a decentralized exchange (Dex)

Dex - A decentralized exchange or a peer-to-peer marketplace where transactions occur directly between crypto traders

LP - Liquidity Pool also known as Pools

Liquidity - The availability or ease at which tokens can be swapped.

TVL - Total Value Locked or the overall value of assets deposited in a decentralized protocol

MCAP - Market Capitalization or Market Cap is the total dollar value of all the tokens that have been minted for a specific Asset

Smart Contract - Trustless agreements or deals that are executed with code on the blockchain

Staking - Placing your digital assets into a smart contract to earn passive income.

Token - An asset that allows you to interact with cryptocurrency based protocols

Pool Tokens - Tokens distributed to users who are participating in a liqudity pool that can be used for farming/staking rewards.

DeFi Tokens - Decentralized Finance tokens that aim to reproduce traditional financial systems (lending, saving, etc).

Governance Tokens - Tokens distributed to users that allows them to participate in governance voting

NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens are rights to a unique digital or real world asset.

NFDs - Non-Fungible Domains are rights to a digital domain

Security Tokens - Tokens equivalent to traditional securities like stocks and bonds

Slippage - When a buyer or seller trades their asset for more or less than the expected price. Slippage occurs when you are working with different AMMs with lower amounts of Liquidity

Volatility - A measure for how much the price of an asset has moved up or down over time.

Aggregate Charts - Charts that are created by combining all available candles from all ASA/Algo pools. Since arbitrage opportunities exist between various pools, candles open/close may not always line up.

Wrapped - A smart contract representing locked collateral of an original asset (for example goBTC is wrapped Bitcoin).

Watchlist - ASAs that have been flagged by the user, similar to favorites

Impermeant Loss - Net difference between the value of two cryptocurrency assets in a liquidity pool based automated market maker.

Rug - A term to indicate when a project or asset has been abandoned by the team and they have sold or removes all of its liquidity.

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