What is Swap?

Swap is a protocol built and maintained by Vestige that offers trustless on-chain swapping spanning multiple routes on the Algorand blockchain. The purpose of Swap is to allow users the ability to trade their Algo to an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) or back again with a simple yet secure transaction that can interact with multiple different sources.

You can access Swap at the following url: https://vestige.fi/swap Note: Please refer to the Tiers page for details about what benefits $Vest holders receive.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Swap provides the best possible trading rate compared to other similar aggregators. By leveraging multiple Liquidity Pools (LPs) we are able to route your trade to many different sources at the same time while providing you a swap bonus amount for the difference earned. This means you no longer need to open several different sites to compare their current price and slippage amounts to determine the most efficient possible trade. We offer this to all users for no additional fees. The user simply pays for the swap and the standard Algorand transaction fees and you are all set!

Secure and Flexible Architecture

With our architecture, we are able to indicate to the users when they are completing potentially not secure transactions (vulnerable to front-running and partial execution). To address these concerns, we have enabled the ability for users to modify several components of the swap to meet their desired swap criteria:


Our swap is coupled with our real-time charting service that allows each user the ability to track their favorite Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs). By combining these two elements into a single page, the user can make trades using the best most up to date information with the rates being refreshed every .5 seconds! As soon as the price hits your target, you can quickly submit the transaction and sign it with our Multiple Transaction approval. Once the swap has completed, your transaction will update in real-time on the transaction feed for that specific ASA as well as appear in your portfolio tracker. Our goal is to provide users with a one stop access point to view, transact and monitor their performance all in a single secure location.


For any users utilizing our swap, we offer Combo gain incentives based on the amount of VEST that you hold. These rewards start with users holding no vest at all and go up to rewarding the user the full bonus amount that the swap earns when using the multi-route system. Not only are we making the process for you easier, but we reward you for taking the easy road!

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