1) How do I add an ASA icon so that it will show up on the Vestige site?

Follow the instructions here to import your asa icon to the repository: https://github.com/tinymanorg/asa-list

2) Where do I find known ASA (Algorand Standard Asset) wallets that were used for circulating supply or burned supply?

Follow the instructions on this page to pull the list: https://github.com/vestigefi/KnownAssetWallets

3) How many days until the next update, product launch, etc?

Two weeks.

4) How do I setup a Mobile App view for Vestige? Vestige Mobile App View Guide

5) Where do I find a guide on how to use the TradingView Charts?

Trading View Chart Guide

6) What assets are currently accepted for stable TVL calculation?

You can always consult it on this link, with the assests classified as wrapped assets being counted. At the moment the assets are:

   0 - ALGO
   31566704 - USDC
   312769 - USDT
   386192725 - goBTC
   386195940 - goETH
   793124631 - gALGO
   744665252 - pBTC
   672913181 - goUSD
   760037151 - xUSD
   246519683 - SILVER$
   246516580 - GOLD$
   887406851 - WETH
   1058926737 - WBTC

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