Connect Your Wallet

The steps listed below will explain how to connect your wallet (in this example your Pera Wallet) to the Vestige site.

Step 1

On the home page, at the top right of the page click on the Wallet Connect button.

Step 2

Select the Wallet you would like to connect to and click the button.

Note: For the Pera Wallet, this will open a QR code that you can scan with your device once connected to the app.

Step 3

From your Pera App on your Phone or Tablet, open the Pera App and Navigate to the Wallet Connect Session QR Code Scanner.

Pera Mobile App -> Settings -> Wallet Connect Sessions - > Click on the [-] Icon at the top right. (step by step screenshots below)

Settings -> Wallet Connect

Select the [-] Icon and Scan the QR code located on your screen.

Step 4

Once the QR code has been scanned from your device, you will be prompted to Connect to the vestige app. Select the wallet you would like to connect with, and select the Connect button.

Success! You have completed connecting your Wallet to the Vestige site.

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